Shoes, 1941

Into the wild - Part 6

Cybill Shepherd, “Taxi Driver”, 1976

Anonymous asked: I don't have cable, what's "Faking It"?


Get this! A show about two “awkward” cis white heterosexual girls pretending to be freaky lesbians so they can be popular! Because being out in high school makes you SO cool ! The get invited to all the parties now that they are lesbians! The show is a comedy too, you can laugh at many of the jokes ranging from “Does that mean I’m the butch ?” ー because you know you need one girl and one boy in ever lesbian relationship, to “I’ve need some lesbian energy in my life” ー because lesbians are fun objects, like scented candles ! The show is very quirky and I bet EVERY ally in town will be tuning to see it ! Who do you ship?





and others make straight people feel like we’re all abusive and it’s all our fault even though most of us support gay rights, shitty world we live in, there will never be peace, let’s face, it, earth might as well be called hell because, we, ourselves have ruined it with the terrible human ways

ugh literally shut the fuck up. stop victimizing yourself when there are kids killing themselves, people being beheaded, and various other atrocities being committed just because someone is gay. woe is you for being straight, boo hoo you’re so #oppressed by the gays. if that’s how you’re gonna act you’re no help at all good ol’ “supporter”

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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You’ve got the love I need to see me through

Brett Helquist’s illustrations for A Series of Unfortunate Events 

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Laura Mvula | Emma Hardy, The Fader

Beyoncé & Solange dancing to “Losing You” at Coachella: [x]

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Brandon Bailey by Dustin Mansyur & Marc Sifuentes